The European Renal Care Providers Association (ERCPA) has published its first Manifesto, which presents its three main priorities for European healthcare and the management of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in particular. ERCPA believes that the EU institutions should support policy reforms along these priorities, in order for healthcare systems to be able to cope with increasing expenditures while also ensuring that all patients can receive the highest level of care.


Integrated management of CKD: Being a “silent disease”, CKD is often diagnosed too late and, combined with an ageing population, it is foreseen to reach epidemic proportions and will represent a significant burden for both patients and health systems. Developing a coordinated and integrated CKD management strategy within the EU could decrease these burdens as well as empower patients when making decisions over their own health.

Choice of most appropriate treatment modality: There are different treatment options for CKD patients. However, in many Member States not all the options are equally available or supported by the health systems. Patients should have the possibility to choose the most appropriate treatment modality suited to their personal situation, and all modalities should be offered and supported equally by all Member States.

Transparent outcomes for care excellence: Several Member States support national registries on CKD. Yet these registries collect and report data in very different ways and are rarely comparable. A standardised collection and transparent reporting of outcomes metrics within and across countries and providers would enable comparability and could foster competition, support both best practice identification and innovation, and lead to an improved level of care for all patients.


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