Founded in early 2014, our association raises awareness of the situation of patients suffering from chronic kidney disease or related chronic diseases by ensuring access to safe, effective and personalised care of the highest quality, promoting choice in treatment modality, and educating policy makers on critical healthcare legislation.


A European Union where patients affected by chronic renal disease or related chronic diseases are guaranteed access to safe, effective, and personalised care of the highest quality.


Patient Choice

Care Excellence

Outcome Transparency

Sustainable Systems



We partner with policy makers and civil society to discuss, inform and educate on effective and efficient chronic disease management.


We support effective and efficient EU healthcare legislation on chronic diseases with a particular focus on patients affected by the renal disease.


We promote transparency of treatment outcomes in order to support continuous improvement of the quality of patient care.


We increase the focus on prevention and ensure a patient’s right to choose his or her most suitable treatment modality.



Chronic kidney disease, also called chronic renal disease (CRD), is a progressive loss of kidney function which, if left untreated by transplant or ongoing renal replacement therapy like dialysis, will lead to death. CKD is a lifelong disease affecting more than 3 million people globally, with this total increasing every year.

Individuals living with CKD describe the need to adjust to a “new normal” which can include food and fluid restrictions, complex medication management, and lengthy dialysis treatments as part of their daily lives. The ability to choose a suitable treatment modality, the care of a dedicated clinical team, and a high-quality treatment are critical to ensuring quality of life for these patients.

Read more in our Manifesto for a patient-centric management of CKD.


Number of EU inhabitants who have CKD stages 3-5

Length of a haemodialysis session

Annual cost of one stage 5 patient (total or near-total loss of kidney function)

Most don’t know it. CKD has no symptoms until the most advanced stages.

Patients usually undergo 3 sessions per week.

Dialysis alone costs €14 billion per year to EU health systems.

Press Release: ERCPA participates in ICHOM’s CKD Standard Set Working Group

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: The International Consortium of Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) published its Standard Set on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) on 26 October 2017. The European Renal Care Providers Association (ERCPA), represented by Dr Andrea Stopper, was invited...
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Discover our New Infographic on CKD

Discover the ERCPA's infographic on CKD for a snapshot of this disease's causes and effects, as well as the burden it places on individuals, their families, and health systems.  ...
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Celebrate World Kidney Day on 10 March 2016

To raise awareness of World Kidney Day 2016, the European Renal Care Providers Association has published a statement on how the EU’s healthcare systems can be transformed into Value-Based Healthcare Systems. The aim of Value-Based Healthcare is to put patients at the...
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Today is the European Day for Organ Donation & Transplantation (10 October)

ERCPA Statement on the occasion of the European Day for Organ Donation & Transplantation ERCPA’s members welcome EU legislation on organ donation and transplantation, which has already resulted in recent years in the development of living-donor programmes in some...
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Interview with Dr Stopper, ERCPA Chairman

The prevalence of chronic diseases in the EU Member States seriously endangers the sustainability of social security systems and is a threat to the prosperity of national economies as such. Today, already more than 70% of national budgets are allocated to chronic...
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